Modern world brings us the feeling that aren't enough
hours in the day.

Smart applications by AITE(Artificial intelligence to everyone) will increase your productivity, save time and enable you to work with less stress. We are developing personal assistants that will help you in everyday life, on witch you can rely on.

As smartphones changed the way we live and become inseparable part of our daily lives, our aim is to deliver solutions for these devices, to deliver AI solutions to everyone.

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Smart application for saving information and data during work or everyday life.

Each note may contain text, pictures, video files and audio files. Input of information in note is fast,flexible and easy to use. Notes are organized by weeks, they can be searched, shared to e-mail ,etc.

Try our first product, and efficiently organize your day on your one pace !

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Artificial intelligence and neural networks are taking part in almost every industry. Our plan is to develop applications with AI which will be used by working people mostly.

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With the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) our application will understand the speaker and based on meaning execute commands or return voice answer.

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First application will be made for Android platform, but in the future our plan is to develop application for iOS platform too.

work efficiently and save time

Manage daily events and tasks. Organize your personal and business activities in just few steps, and save precious time.

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Our app  helps you organize your work during the whole week, so you can focus on doing what you do best and increase productivity at work. Because of that your daily work tasks are easier and more manageable .

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